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Sixty Million Dollar Man (1995)

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Nonton Film Sixty Million Dollar Man (1995) Subtitle Indonesia

Sinopsis Sixty Million Dollar Man (1995) : Stephen Chow plays a rich playboy who is blown up by a mafia boss when he flirts with the boss’s girl. Through a series of circumstances his professor makes him a synthetic (robotic) body that allows him to change into a variety of “Mrs. Wong’s Household products” like a microwave and toothpaste. Chow eventually goes to work at a school notorious for it’s rowdy students and singlehandledly disciplines them all. He then goes on to marry a former classmate played by Gigi Leung. But before the wedding happens, the mafia boss finds out that Chow is still alive and sends in his own human-robot to take Chow out for once and for all.

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